Softwood Softwood decking is made of timber cut from evergreen coniferous trees that are quicker to grow, such as Western Red Cedar, Larch, Douglas fir, Spruce, and Scandinavian Redwood. Due to its high resin content, larch has natural insect-repelling qualities. Most hand and machine operations produce good results. Our number one priority is providing the highest possible standards of workmanship on every job. It isnt perfect, however. Chromated Arsenicals (CCA). They are native to the northern hemisphere, where the temperature is low. Your browser is not supported. A quality and less expensive alternative to ipe decking is redwood, cumaru, clear larch, or tigerwood. From fiberglass to concrete, grass, and all types of woods, there are lots of great materials to choose between. The high price of a wood is due to its quality and service life. The Luxury Wood Company offers two types of kiln-dried larch decking boards, each with its distinctive qualities: Smooth and Grooved. European larch can be used for decking, flooring, and fencing. Therefore, this material is not recommended to be installed in public places where hundreds of tourists walk every day or on highways where cars constantly drive. Please login you account and try to process your order again or call our office at 416 623 7158. Softwood decking is made of timber cut from evergreen coniferous trees that are quicker to grow, such as Western Red Cedar, Larch, Douglas fir, Spruce, and Scandinavian Redwood. They are made from 80-95% recycled plastic and 5-20% from sawdust. Unfortunately there was an issue processing your order. Earlier, we published an article comparing deck materials. Unfortunately there was an issue processing your order. Look for certifications from organizations like the Forestry Stewardship Council, which indicate that decking was sustainably sourced. Latch wood is an attractive, durable, and inexpensive flooring option. Composite decking is an environmentally friendly lumber alternative that combines plastic and wood fiber. Ipe is a beautiful hardwood traditionally harvested in South America. Hence it is used for exterior and interior applications. High-density plastic lumber (PL) is made from recycled polyethylene (HDPE) plastic. You can find various profiles of Clearlarch decking in our online store. Price:More than $500 per100 square feet. It is true, however, that treatment protects the wood and further prolongs its life. You can also e-mail us at Additionally, it could warp over time, so you should plan for potential expansion when using it. Wood is the original and traditional material used for decks, and many professionals prefer it for its value-adding capabilities. Millboard is made from limestone and polyurethane which are stable and don't need airflow. Pros of Travertine Pool Deck. Redwood is a softwood grown primarily in the western United States. Pros. The European standard used to determine larch quality is called BS EN 942. Its more challenging to make a deck work with older styles, such as Tudor, colonial, or 1920s bungalow. A ranch, raised ranch, or contemporary house style can work well with many deck designs. To avoid splitting planks, drill pilot holes for nails, countersink screws in wood, and predrill screw holes into composite. And with proper care, the decking will always have a rich color. Decking extends the living space of your home by turning a section of your yard into an extra useable room for relaxing, dining and entertaining. Pros and cons of Clear larch decking Larch decking advantages Resistance to severe frosts and severe weather conditions. Western Larch is a famous species of Larch. Its naturally water- and warp-resistant, and its strength makes it resistant to dings, nicks, or splits. However, the processing of spruce wood is more complicated than pine. Otherwise, the color will fade in the sun. The gorgeous golden hues and fine, straight-grained texture give it lots of character. It contains tannins and naturally occurring oils that make it resistant to rot and insects, but you can also treat it with a stain and sealer to prevent cracks or splinters. Sapwood is clearly demarcated from Heartwood. Protect Yourself From Indoor Air Pollution, 21 Small Kitchen Appliances for $100 or Less, decking decissions based upon the big picture, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information. We can deliver larch decking boards across Canada as well as shipping to the USA. The wood is treated with a liquid chemical bath that results in vastly improved resistance to warping and rottingtreated pine is 11 times more weather-resistant than regular stained pine. Black Oak (Quercus Velutina) 4. There is a chance to install the boards crooked or fragile. Its heartwood is yellow to reddish-brown and narrow sapwood is yellowish-white, sapwood is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Unlike other types of wood, larch decking does not need to be sanded or sealed. However, many choose to apply a preservative stain for UV protection. However, if you are looking for a long-term, rich and high-end solution, do not hesitate to invest in a better quality wood. It is widely available in North America as it is grown 35 percent faster than it is being cut which also . Woods also resisted bending and sagging. It is important to be a part of the solution to help keep the forests green by building your decks from hardwood that is harvested from a sustainably managed plantation. Your browser is not supported. How do I keep larch from going grey and keep my golden hues? Siberian larch is commonly known as Russian larch. - Depending on the outdoor conditions year around, make sure the decking material you choose will be a fit to be outside 24/7. Untreated larch timber is usually classified as. For years it was the material of choice for outdoor porches. This product is not available at our GTA warehouse for same day pick up, but it is available at our warehouse outside of the GTA or at our distributor's warehouse. You can also e-mail us at Both are light in weight and color. When used as a second-story decking material, the area below is kept dry. Due to its lightness and better-bending properties, It is a better wood for making boats and boat parts. DUE TO COVID-19 PRICES AND AVAILABILITY ARE CHANGING QUICKLY AND WITHOUT NOTICE. Installation of decking requires special accessories for wood. For sale: 83 Scott Street, Beaumaris, VIC. Larch is great for making hull planks because of the long straight wood veins. Keeping Your Cool. Grow out of large trees so decking boards typically have consistent grains. Along with a circular saw, youll need adrill, preferably cordless. Please upgrade it to the latest version or download a freeware browser Chrome for correct working with website. Cons:Its expensive, and no one would mistake it for wood. As timber is a naturally renewable material, indefinitely replaced as trees grow, timber cladding is a sustainable solution. If left to weather naturally, they need little maintenance and last longer than your mortgage. All species of larch wood have small knots. You will find it easy to work with. Snowshoes, utility poles, posts, rough lumber, boxes/crates, and paper (pulpwood). It is the main reason why it is ideal for use in the interior of homes as well as commercial establishments. Same day pick up in the GTA is available for this product. Even on the hottest days, wood decks remain relatively comfortable underfoot, while synthetic decking can grow uncomfortably hot. Typically, not as durable as fixed-form decks. Pros:Toughness, rigidity, and slip resistance. Price:About $200 to $1,100 or more per 100 square feet. Copyright 2023 Homely Group Pty Ltd. All rights reserved.Privacy PolicyTerms of Use. What's great about tropical hardwoods decks? Its heartwood is yellow to reddish-brown and the narrow sapwood is close white and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Deckstoronto is a direct importer of ClearLarch Decking. We also offer pickup from our warehouses. Have you ever heard of termites drilling their collective way through an aluminum structure? Starting in the 1940s, CCA was used to make pressure-treated lumber. Barrette Outdoor Living Decking - In Brief. Notes: - Clear treatments such as water-repellent oils and preservative - they will considerably slow down the greying process;- Semi-transparent stain, water-based or oil-based - these will give your decking a slight colour change;- Solid-colour stain - use these to completely change the colour and offer the highest level of protection. Bark: The bark on young trees is light brown and scaly. Snap-in-place fasteners are easy to install but unique to specific brands. Learn about the materials most widely used to construct a residential deck, from railings to floorboards, including the pros and cons of each type. Also it is the most durable material among softwoods. They are also inferior in price to such popular breeds as tiger wood or mahogany. Its pattern can be easily seen. Their products are generally available to order from qualified installers and not sold in most stores. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. What's not so great about tropical hardwood decks? DIY installation of wooden decking requires not only the right tools and strength but also experience. Colour varies, from honey to reddish brown, Dark grain accents similarly to teak throughout the wood, The ability to hold coatings well allows flexibility in colour design for different projects, Stable, harder and denser than softwood decking once kiln dried, Accented with intermittent black and brown streaks, Different and unique look, when darkened will turn to a deeper reddish brown, Naturally durable and stable in many climates, A fine-grained structure that weathers to gray quickly, Without any chemical treatments, it possesses a natural resistance to rot, decay and splinters, Colour variations of velvet red to dark reddish brown. ft. Larch timbers natural toughness gives it a life expectancy of over 50 years. A few plastics and composites came close in those tests, but several flexed or sagged noticeably. Some homeowners love the idea of adding an outdoor kitchen on the deck and others include a jacuzzi to enjoy those cozy winter nights. The undeniable beauty of hardwood makes decking instantly appealing. Composite decking is becoming an increasingly popular option thanks to its ability to provide a timber look with a few added benefits. Everyday debris and dust can be swept away with a broom or a stiff brush. Tree: A healthy larch tree can reach 50 to 60 m (165 to 195 ft) and 85-150 ft (25-45 m) tall, 1-1.5 m trunk diameter. Boards that are sealed regularly are less likely to warp and are more resistant to scratches. A vinyl decking product we reviewed snapped in place over metal clips screwed onto the joists. For this reason, we recommend considering contractors. Grooved boards can also be used in combination with smooth ones, to create contrast and interesting patterns. Here are some other considerations to keep in mind. Hearst Magazine Media, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Cons: Some may feel like it has less character than other options, and it can also get very hot in the sun. That means your old milk, water, and juice containers and detergent and shampoo bottles may be recycled into the plastic lumber that is used to construct your deck. This material is ideal for those who are looking for light wood for their deck. It is valued for its natural appearance, hardness, and long service life. You might be interested in , Are you planning to build a fence or deck on your property in Fairwood, Washington? Sarah Scott is a fact-checker and researcher who has worked in the custom home building industry in sales, marketing, and design. Tropical hardwood is commonly referred to lumber harvested outside of North America. It needs to be re-applied every 1-2 years. Marmol Radziner lined the pool with dark plaster to give the deck a more sophisticated, moody ambiance. Leaves are typically 10 to 50 cm (4 to 20 in) long, and in dense clusters of 2050 needles on short shoots. The area where the patio is to be built is excavated to a depth of 12-24" depending on the soil conditions. Hardwood is probably the most popular material choice for decking. It gets its name when wood is chemically preserved under pressure, as this method helps prevent termite damage and wood rot. Eco-friendly as it is grown in plantations. Water Oak (Quercus Nigra) 6. We can also supply colour coordinated screws. You can also e-mail us at, Great resistance to mold and decay lasts 30+ years and at least double the life span of knotty Western Red Cedar, Fewer knots (by at least 50%) than you would find in Knotty Western Red Cedar decking, Higher toughness and bending strength than that of other softwood decking species (pressure treated pine or Western Red Cedar), Available in both grooved and non-grooved boards, Less dimensionally stable than Ipe and Garapa, Requires regular oiling to prevent it from going grey. It doesnt affect the structural integrity of larch boards, as it only occurs on the surface. Hardwoods are the warmest and most vibrant woods, full of natural hues and variations. This isnt too intense of a maintenance program to be sure, but you definitely need to remember it! Veneer, plywood, paper (pulpwood), particleboard, glue-laminated beams, construction lumber, and flooring. If theres any remaining mold and mildew, remove it using a solution of 1 part bleach and 3 parts water. It make learning more engaging and fun. It will help you form an impression of what it is like to live in a house with wood decking. He racked up 146 total tackles . So it is really necessary to pick the right wood to build a deck. We are also a supplier of wood deck care products. English Oak (Quercus Robur) 10. Pros: Tropical hardwoods are everywhere: ipe, cumaru, and tigerwood, just to name a few. Since the start of the pandemic, wood decking prices rose as much as 150 percent, due to supply chain kinks andskyrocketing demandfrom homeowners and builders. The Trex brand is synonymous with high-quality composite decking, and DecksDirect is your one-stop shop for . It's super easy to clean. Whichever you choose, insist that on the deck . Surface textures include smooth (like plastic lawn furniture, in some cases), subtle wood grain, ridges, and other decidedly nonwood-like patterns. In the table below, we compared the cost of popular types of wood for the deck: You can buy boards from ipe, cumaru, and clear larch wood from us. Larch comes from deciduous conifer trees like other softwoods. Kiln-dried larch is more affordable than rare hardwoods such as Balau, making it ideal for people wanting to keep costs low while achieving better results than simple pine or spruce decking. Willow Oak (Quercus Phellos) 8. Fewer knots (by at least 50%) than you would find in Knotty Western Red Cedar decking. Yes, you can. However, they need to be installed at the proper slope. A high-end product that looks and feels great and is just like having an indoor product outdoors. The beautiful appearance and impressive durability make it a popular choice for architects and construction companies, as well as homeowners. Oils require the most frequent re-application. It is sold primarily at building supply stores. Grooved boardscan help with added grip and water runoff. She has a bachelor's degree in Environmental Design and is certified in fine and decorative arts appraisal. In turn, wooden decking is more expensive and requires maintenance. This will help you get inspired with the idea of what kind of deck you want to build for yourself. They can be on the pricier side depending on the company you pickaround $7 to $10 per square footand you have to make sure that you choose a reputed, high-quality company. One of the great benefits of a wood deck is that it is real wood and looks, feels and even smells like wood. Pear Deck does what it is intended to do very well which is to make online learning interactive and fun. Made of recycled plastic and wood grain, making it an excellent choice for those seeking to reduce their carbon footprint. Not built for heavy traffic flow: Softwood decks can easily scratch because of their porousness. United States Environmental Protection Agency. When staining, use as many coats as the manufacturer recommends. Composite decking in darker shades can get very hot when exposed to the sun, which might make walking on it barefoot slightly painful. Read our, 20 Above Ground Pool Deck Ideas on a Budget, 50 Deck Ideas That Will Inspire You To Go Outside, Plastic Wood Deck Lumber: What to Know Before You Buy, Comparing Deck Materials: Wood, Wood-Composite, and PVC, 10 Things to Consider When Building a Deck, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, Enhanced degradation of softwood versus hardwood by the white-rot fungus Pycnoporus coccineus. Homely is an internationally acclaimed real estate portal helping millions of Australians each year to find their next home. There may be knots on the boards, so it is not recommended to walk on them barefoot; Boards need to be oiled regularly to keep their color. Cedarwood has a lovely natural hue and is widely available throughout the US. You need to seal the board every 2-3 years. Looks-wise, you really won't mistake aluminum for a plank of teak or redwood. Among the tools, you may need to purchase a Hardwood Wrench. Pros: Most purists love cedar and redwood decks, particularly due to their gorgeous, rich color. Also, you might want to use certain types of lumber or decking for structural parts of your deck project, and other decking timber for surfaces and railingsthe parts on which you will walk and actually see. You can purchase Cutek and DeckWise from our online store. We respect your privacy. It has a clear dark striped or grainy patterning. For sale: 14 Lindley Avenue, Narrabeen, NSW. Easy: needs to be washed every six months with warm water and soap, Difficult: requires regular oiling, sanding and sealing. We offer Smartboard Composite Decking, available in 3.6m lengths and in different 3 colours, Battleship Grey, Slate Grey and Chocolate Brown. Siberian larch trees thrive in extreme weather, so their wood makes great siding and decking for houses in northern, snowy regions. 1020 m (3366 ft) tall, with a trunk up to 60 cm (24 in) diameter. Cons: The main issue is the price, averaging at about $3.75 to $5 per square foot. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified CCA as a restricted-use product. Also consider hidden fasteners or systems that hide the attachments. No option to change the colour once an initial stain has been selected. Spanish Oak (Quercus Falcata) 9. Quality hardwoods are expensive, and high material costs can make for a costly deck installation. Note that linseed oil is not recommended for outdoor use as it leads to darkening. And of course you want materials that look and feel good, at a price you can handle. The quality of composite boards depends on the manufacturer. Its baked-on or anodized finish should last a long time, and its textured surface added traction in our tests. The price of these boards is lower than the more popular redwood or tigerwood. Durable material makes it difficult to drill the board. Some of the greatest benefits of using larch decking boards for your next project, All Your Larch Decking Questions Answered. The Pros of Vinyl Decking. The strength of the wood is not sufficient to withstand strong and regular loads. Deckwise End Grain Sealer is available in Decks Toronto online store. It gives a matt to a satin finish and could either be transparent or coloured. Removable, as they are not fixed in place, so can be moved around the backyard or even between houses. The possibility of invisible fastenings, so no need for nails and screws. Larch is the conifers of the genus Larix of the pine family Pinaceae. Weigh all of your optionsand their pros and consat a glance. Rosewood is hard, dense, and offers good stability. Hardwoods include Jarrah, Merbau, Spotted Gum and Cumaru. This makes it more resistant to knocks, scrapes and bumps than other softwoods. The heartwood is yellow to a medium orangish-brown and the sapwood is nearly white and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Some excellent tropical hardwood decking species that offer diverse look and splendid performance: Massaranduba deck (Brazilian Redwood decking). To do so, apply one of the following: - Saturator - Its a water-based product that impregnates the wood without leaving a film. The price of one Clearlarch deck is $47.88 per unit or $3.99 lin. Our exposure scores reflect how each model compares with the others in our tests. Johnathan C. Brewer II is a licensed general contractor specializing in kitchen, bath remodels, and general constructionwith two decades of professional experience. Post Oak (Quercus Stellata) 12. Mahogany, tigerwood, and cumaru are other hardwood options. European Larch is another famous species of Larch. Its competitive benefits justify the cost of a high-end project, it outlasts pressure-treated lumber and softwood decks and will save you money in a long run. It's got everything: beauty, strength and it lasts a lifetime. - Stain - It forms a thin film on the surface of the wood and gives a matt, satin, or shiny finish. For three years, we expose our test boards to harsh weather at test sites in hot and humid Florida, and in hot and dry Arizona. Once every six months, the decking should be washed with warm water and soap. Easy to maintain Glass railings are easy to clean. Unlike ipe or redwood, the color of these boards varies from yellow to light brown. What's not so great about softwood decks? All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. You have removed product from the product comparison. Price:About $300 to $700 per100 square feet. Now that you have been informed with the pros and cons of the most common and popular decking materials, there are some questions you should be asking in order to make a smart investment: In relation to these important decking questions, a tropical hardwood deck appears to be the superior option of all. Now that youre familiar with the benefits and drawbacks of larch, you can make a more informed decision. Many softer woods (pine, fir, and spruce, for example) are susceptible to rot. Thats largely because it was the least expensive option, historically. It can be purchased at home centers and lumber yards. Price:About $525 to $1,200 per100 square feet. 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